Social Studies Goals

Our social studies lessons cover history and geography.  Since we use Story of the World (SOTW) for our history spine, our lessons don’t correlate exactly with the CA state standards.  However, history makes more sense to me when approached as a worldwide story.  Events in one part of the world most definitely affect other parts of the world.  So, you’ll notice that my social studies goals begin with World History and Geography and use SOTW as a resource.  After that, the goals align with the CA standards.

Here are Ryan’s second grade social studies goals:

Social Studies Grade 2- PDF

Social Studies 2- blank PDF

Social Studies 2- blank DOC  (Check your downloads folder.  This DOC document will not open up a new window in your internet browser.  Also, since I use a Mac, there may be some formatting issues in this DOC version.)

Another resource you see on Ryan’s social studies goal sheet is  This is the US government’s official web portal for kids.  They have lots of resources on a wide variety of topics, and the site is worth visiting when you have some time.

Now, onto Ashby’s 4th grade social studies (again, I’ve added world history):

Social Studies Grade 4- PDF

Social Studies 4- blank PDF

Social Studies 4- blank DOC

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