Math Goals

We use Singapore Math- Standards Edition for our math curriculum.  It is based on the CA state standards, so I don’t worry too much about my math goal sheets.  I know we’ll hit all the standards, and I feel confident in Ashby and Ryan’s math abilities.  Here is Ryan’s goal sheet (grade 2):


Math- Grade 2 PDF

Math2-blank DOC

Math2-blank PDF

Here are Ashby’s math goals, and this is where I get to talk about one of the reasons I love homeschooling.  Ashby will be starting 4th grade in August.  But, she’s always been a year ahead in math (because we did K math in preschool…we did just math and reading in the mornings before her afternoon preschool class…that’s how we started homeschooling).  In any case, with homeschooling the kids can study each subject at whichever grade level fits.  I love that!

Math- Grade 5 PDF

Math5-blank DOC

Math5-blank PDF

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