Math Course Schedule

We use the Standards Edition of Singapore Math for our math curriculum.  It is aligned with the CA state standards, so I can be assured that my kids are at or above grade level in math.  (I have heard talk of Singapore Math terminating the Standards Edition, since the CA Dept. of Education is planning to release a new math framework based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSE) in November 2013.  The CCSE is a set of federal standards (vs. each individual state creating their own standards).  However, I believe the CA standards are more rigorous than the CCSE, so I am comfortable with sticking with the Standards Edition.  When the new framework is released, I’ll review it and reevaluate my math curriculum for the 2014-2015 school year.)

The Home Instructor’s Guide that Singapore provides actually breaks down the curriculum into 36 weeks.  In my experience, though, doing all they suggest in those 36 weeks is quite ambitious.  We’ve done it before, but it required doing double math many days.  This year, I  decided we would continue math through the summer (slowly…like a couple exercises a week).  This way, we’ll cover a few normal weeks of curriculum over the summer and have less to get through in the next school year.

Ryan finished his first grade math early last year (I usually have them do a little math even on our break weeks during the school year.  They’re already in the habit of getting up, eating, and doing their math; so they don’t argue (in fact, I’ve somehow managed to make them think they’re getting off easy by only doing math those days…I know it won’t last forever, but I’ll take it while it does).  Also, Ryan likes math and sometimes asks to do an extra exercise (I always say, “Yes”).  So, we managed to finish in May.  I thought we’d take a break, but  we ended up starting  grade 2 after a week.  So, you’ll see that Ryan’s math schedule starts with unit 2 and ends before week 18 (the halfway point of of our school year).

My math schedules are formatted like 2,2,1.  This refers to Unit 2, Chapter 2, Section 1 (as designated in the Home Instructor’s Guide.

(Click images to see PDFs).


Math- Grade 2 PDF

Ashby’s math schedule starts at the beginning, but we will have done some of it by the time school officially starts next month.  So, my weekly schedule will be a more true reflection of our progress.  For the sake of sharing this with you, though, I wanted to show one schedule start to finish.


Math- Grade 5 PDF

Math- Grade 5 DOC (use this to adjust my Grade 5 schedule)

Math- blank PDF

Math- blank DOC

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