Latin Course Schedule

Ashby and I are on our second year of Latin in 2013-2014.  (Ryan will officially start in 3rd grade, though he already joins in when he feels so inclined).  We are working our way through Getting Started with Latin by William Linney.  I appreciate the simple layout of this book.  He introduces a new word in each lesson and then offers 10 practice sentences in Latin that you translate (orally) using everything you’ve learned up to that point.  So, the practice is comprehensive (yet quick).  The author also provides mp3 audio files with pronunciation guides and his commentary for each lesson.  (I download the zip files, open them, import them to iTunes, and add them to a playlist I’ve titled, “Latin”).  I put that playlist on Ashby’s iPod, so she can use it when she’s studying without me.

Last year, I scheduled us to do one word a day, but we found that to be too much.  So, this year, I’m backtracking a little from where we left off and then scheduling just three words a week.  It’s a more realistic schedule for us.


Latin- Year 2

Here’s the original schedule, though, for anyone feeling ambitious:

Latin1 (5 days/ week schedule to finish the book in one year).


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