Health Course Schedule

I don’t have a set curriculum for health, so I just make my own based on my goal sheets. One of my favorite online resources for health is  I find information there for just about every topic we cover.  We also read library books for each subject.

I like to teach health once for both kids (to save time).  We study one topic each week, and I find resources appropriate for their respective grade levels.  But some of the topics are specific to Ashby or Ryan’s course schedule.  On those weeks, health just takes a little longer.  I work with one while the other does another subject or reads.  Click the images to see the PDFs for each health course schedule:


Health- Grade 2 PDF

Health- Grade 2 DOC


Health- Grade 4

Health- Grade 4 DOC

Here are links to a general health curriculum I made for Ashby in first grade.  It uses some of the same resources I use in the Grade 2 and Grade 4 course schedules, but it covers more topics and runs 36 weeks:
Health1 PDF
Health1 DOC


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