Course Schedules 2013-2014

My course schedules map out each subject for the entire year, day by day.  I make the schedules for everything but spelling, writing, and grammar.  These subjects are pretty straightforward.  I list them on our weekly schedule on their designated days, and we just do the next lesson each time.  For the remaining subjects, click the links to see what I do.







Since I don’t create course schedules for some subjects, I’ll list the resources I use for those here:

Grammar- First Language Lessons (Levels 1-4 correlate to grade levels)
Writing- The Complete Writer – Writing With Ease (Levels correlate to grade levels)
Spelling- Spelling Workout (A=Grade 1, B=Grade 2, C=Grade 3, etc.)
Mandarin- Chinese Language for Primary Schools and weekly session with native-speaking tutor


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