This is our calendar for the 2013-2014 school year.


Finished Calendar JPG

I built my calendar in Pages (on a Mac) but can’t upload that version here.  So, I’ve converted it to Excel.  I’m including two versions: one appears as the finished calendar (above); the other (below) shows the extra rows where I input the calendar start date to determine which months are included in the finished calendar.


Calendar with Extra Rows Visible JPG

You can use these Excel files to customize your own calendar:
Calendar2013-2014 (Excel file; rows where you input the date are hidden)
Calendar2013-2014 all rows (Excel file; rows where you input the date are visible)

I print several copies in grayscale to mark up as I plan our school year:


Calendar with Pencil Markings JPG

Here are what all my markings mean:


My Calendar Explained JPG

This lets me see the big picture, our whole year (week by week) at a glance.  I use pencil so that I can erase and move the week numbers until I get what I want.  I make reminder notes at the bottom of the page.  For instance, this tells me that I’m planning to do math the week of December 16-20 even if we are on break.  (I have yet to decide if we’re taking that whole week or the the last couple days, but you can see from my markings that I’m leaning toward just the 19th and 20th).  The 194 at the bottom right refers to the total number of school days (all the quarters added together).

If you use Pages and have problems with these Excel versions, send me an email through the About page contact form; I’ll email you the Pages version.


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