20. Definitely Less

I have spent the past couple weeks clearing out the house, and I’m nowhere near done.

It started with washing the outside of the windows. Usually, that’s Mike’s job. But, he was organizing the garage, and I’d been wanting to try a new method I read about on Happily Occupied Homebodies’ blog: warm water, vinegar, and Dawn soap with a couple clean rags. Simple. I spent a couple hours on a beautiful, cool summer day washing and drying the windows while I listened to my podcasts. I found it it very satisfying and therapeutic. A seemingly insignificant and mindless job, right? But, it was so peaceful…and interesting to look at my life from this perspective. I mean, how often do you stand on the outside of your windows looking in?

I saw some folded laundry in the family room, a couple plastic kids’ cups on the kitchen island, a few picture frames I had yet to hang (more on that later) resting between my nightstand and wall. But, as I cleaned the small window in the master bath, I realized how much I liked the look of the pale blue walls, the round mirror, the tiny white sink, and nothing else. It was so clean, with nothing unnecessary cluttering it. What if the whole house had that feel?

I organized my closet the next day and donated two big bags of clothes I never wear, 8 pairs of shoes (after Ashby tried on all of them), all but one fancy clutch, all but one tote bag, and all but a few of my favorite scarves. I threw out all the mementos I’d been storing in there: childhood diaries and more recent journals, old photos, birthday cards from Mike and the kids…everything. I still have all the memories these things represented. I don’t need the stuff.

I’m not the first to say it, but It’s the truth: I am not my things. So, why load myself down with things? For me, it’s a simple choice…let go.


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